What’s a sauna hat, and should I be wearing one?

Are Sauna Hats A Real Thing?

You haven’t truly reached peak “routine sauna goer” until you’re fully versed in the weird world of wearing a sauna hat (yes, it most definitely is a thing!)

What Is A Sauna Hat?

It’s a specific type of hat, usually made from wool or felt, that is specifically designed to provide protection from the heat of a traditional Finnish sauna.

The difference between a large sauna session with or without a hat on is significant.

Why Wear A Sauna Hat?

Wearing a sauna hat helps to shield your head from the intense heat, allowing you to remain in the sauna for longer.

Your head is the part of your body that begins to heat up the quickest due to it being the most exposed as well as closest to the ceiling where the air is generally hottest.

A sauna hat also helps to protect your hair heat damage that can occur with repeated heat exposure.

Sauna Hat Advantages & Tips

Using a sauna hat helps to prevent symptoms of overheating such as nausea and dizziness.

This protective layer on your head allows for longer bouts in the sauna while also prevent long term damage to your hair from too much heat exposure.

More Than a Gimmick

Sauna hats aren’t just a quirky accessory. They are used by experienced sauna users as health protection tools (and they’re kind of fun, too!)

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