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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Don't be afraid to ask any difficult questions, however silly or strange they may seem. We are here to help you.

Massage services, packages and workshops can be arranged at any time to suit you, by calling us, in advance. Our Spa is a private property and our massages, sauna/hot tub, pool and gardens and private rooms are only open during organised events or parties (those events we organise ourselves), or exclusive parties we host for you (by prior arrangement) or when you book a spa package. 

Yes you can! Note that during our own organised events and parties we provide almost any refreshments you need, including teas, coffee and fruit juices, food and drinks. If you come for a massage you will also be offered free drinks in the price.

Yes you can, but for some events or workshops with limited space, we might ask for a non-returnable deposit. For massages you may pay upon arrival, if you have previously arranged a time and date with us.

We accept payment by cash, but also credit/debit card or BLIK is possible.

All our events are clothing optional. You can wear or not wear, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Our saunas are real, authentic saunas, and our organised events are run according to Finnish traditions, and include German aufgus traditions including a saunamaster. Please ensure you are familiar with the proper sauna culture. This means that usually people are nude. As a naturist-friendly, and health resort, some people may wish not to wear clothes outside of the sauna too. It is possible to sunbathe, swim, use the hot-tub, eat a meal, relax and use the whole premises clothing-free if you wish.

In the Sauna, you may NOT ever wear a plastic-based swimming costume, but you may cover yourself with a cotton towel or sheet, if you wish. Be aware that other people may be nude. Do not wear anything you previously wore in the hot-tub or pool (as that may contain chlorine).

We ask all participants to ideally bring TWO towels – at least. One large one to sit on (in the sauna, or outside the sauna) and another one for drying after shower/jacuzzi. When in the sauna, you must ensure that no part of your skin touches the raw wooden benches. A part of your towel should be under your feet, body and back (if touching the wood).

Some people additionally wear a sauna hat.

See blog entries for reasons, and more details of sauna etiquette and culture.

During massages, you would usually be nude. During classic (Swedish) massage, you may wear lower-part underwear if you prefer. We also can provide single-use underwear and hair coverings, if you would prefer.

When you arrive, you will be given fresh towels and asked to take a short hot shower, to freshen up, open the pores and warm the skin before the massage. The time taken for your shower is included in the massage time allotted. After massage, you may shower again, or leave the oils on your skin (depending on the type of massage).
If you arrive with make up and want your face included in the massage, then either remove your make up, or the massage therapist can add that service to the massage, and add extra time.

We love to meet new people and those returning, so love to chat to get to know you. This tends to be before or after your treatment, perhaps over a drink. During a massage, we suggest you take the time to relax and quieten yourself, but if you would like to briefly chat or ask a question then please do.  It is certainly important to communicate with the therapist if something hurts, or is too soft, too hard  – or if you are feeling great!
During group sauna events, people are generally quiet in the sauna to allow others to relax.

If you don’t have long or want to have a quick sample of a massage, then opt for the short 60 mins massage. The best experience though, is with the 90 mins or 2hr sessions, as you can then experience the fuller versions, covering your whole body, face, head, hands, feet. If you want to invest in yourself, your mental health and reduce your stress, don’t rush your massage time, if possible.

Men: If you are having a face treatment, then being clean shaven and smooth will help the application of creams, oils and face masks. If your body is extremely hairy, then massage may be more difficult but you do not need to shave. It is normal and natural. 

Women: You do not need to shave any part of you at all (unless you want to), before using any of our spa services

NOTE: If you are receiving a salt-peeling treatment as part of a massage or sauna ritual, then do not shave the same day you have the treatment, as any wounds will be very painful.

We have a number of rooms available, for couples, 4 person rooms, and space for singles. Shared bathrooms are available (on the same level as bedrooms, and also by the saunas). The rooms are not publicly available for all, and only as part of a package for those attending one of our events or parties. Book early to secure a room as space is limited.

An overnight stay includes a choice of breakfasts, and each room is equipped with tea/coffee facilities, towels and bathrobes.

You may also book a room for a short time (minimum 2 hours) at any time  – but call to book in advance.

We have limited free parking on site for up to 6 cars, but additional, free parking is available opposite or very nearby the spa. We cannot reserve parking for you, unless you are also booking overnight accommodation. Our parking is monitored, discrete, and hidden from the road.

Yes you can, either when you book a private massage spa package (which includes your choice of massage, and use of the sauna, jacuzzi and garden), or if you organise a private party.

Sorry, no, we don’t travel to hotels. We believe in the top-most quality of services that requires our special spa facilities and equipment. This ensures your safety, the best environment to relax in, with peace and tranquility.

It’s normal and perfectly acceptable! If you fall asleep during the massage, snore, or don’t wake up at the end, then do not worry at all. Emerald Spa is a quiet, exclusive safe and private place. It is a normal reaction to a good relaxing massage and the spa surroundings. We will let you sleep, and only quietly wake you when the room is next needed.
Our coffee machine is always ready to give you a little boost if you need it!

  • Do not cancel without letting us know a day in advance or without letting us know. If you do, you will lose your deposit, or be blocked from further bookings.
  • Don’t hide any illnesses, diseases, mental or physical disabilities or issues from us. To provide the best services we need openness and honesty – for your own health and ours.
  • Don’t worry about your body or your looks. We accept you just as you are and look at the person we are serving on the inside.
  • Don’t flirt or try to make indecent proposals or offers to us. We massage your body or offer sauna and spa services to help you relax and heal you, not to provide erotic services.
  • Don’t feel shy or ashamed if you want to ask any questions about our spa procedures. We want to give you the very best experience to help you grow as a person and achieve your health and relaxation goals. We are experienced in giving you the answers you need, in the right way.
  • Don’t arrive drunk or drugged. We will not provide services for intoxicated clients and you will lose your deposit.

A trip to the Spa makes an IDEAL present for anyone, at any time – birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, valentine’s day, or just to show you care for no reason at all! We offer a range of gift cards you can redeem against any service. See to buy them. 

Some medical or health issues will not stop you having a massage but might change how we massage you for how long and when. For example, if you are pregnant,  very stressed or anxious, are menstruating or have a mild headache, or cough.

We will not be able to massage you if you have the following issues, as this could make your condition worse.:
  • cancer
  • current heart defects
  • thrombosis 
  • lymphadenitis
  • phlebitis
  • recent major surgery
  • aneurysms
  • inflammation of your joints or open wounds
  • high body temperature (38+ C)
  • allergies to the products we will use
  • MS (multiple sclerosis)
  • drunk or drugged

Before a massage, you will be asked to complete a health awareness document so we can ensure your safety.

If your question is not answered here, take a look at the blog section, or contact us, and we will be happy to help you. No question is too small or embarrassing to ask.