Chałubińskiego 64, Kraków

4-hands Massage

The ultimate in pampering and sensual experiences.

Select a massage below and experience being massaged by two therapist at the same time. This will give you a fuller massage, a greater feeling of balance as they synchronise their massage, and a totally relaxing experience.

  • Premium choice of free drinks. 
  • Fresh towels and showers.
  • Aromatherapy with top quality natural essential scented oils
  • Music and sound bath to help you relax
  • Light therapy with special lighting
  • Packages available including sauna, jacuzzi, massage, lounge, and even stay overnight.
  • Free private parking.
  • Qualified and certified massage therapists
  • Advice and help with health and relaxation techniques

If you have any requests or requirements, just contact us.

from 190zł

Classic (Swedish)

Classic, (Swedish) massage, offers numerous benefits, including enhanced relaxation, improved blood circulation, reduced muscle tension, alleviated stress, boosted immune function, and better sleep quality, providing a holistic approach to physical wellness and mental tranquillity. Works on fascia Including full body, face, hands and foot massage

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Relaxing massage

Total relaxation with gentle flowing massage, soft music, candles, and premium massage oils. Pure bliss.Relaxing massage promotes mental tranquillity, reduces stress, alleviates muscle tension, improves sleep, enhances mood, boosts circulation, and fosters overall well-being, providing a serene escape and holistic rejuvenation for both the body and mind.

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Tantric massage

Whole body tantric massage fosters deep emotional and physical connection, enhances sensual awareness, promotes energy flow, facilitates emotional release, and provides a pathway to explore spirituality, intimacy, and pleasure in a mindful, consensual, and explorative manner.

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CBD Massage

CBD oil massage offers relaxation, pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, stress reduction, and enhanced skin health. Its natural properties promote overall well-being and a soothing, holistic experience.

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