About Emerald Spa


Emerald Spa is a small green oasis of peace in Krakow, located in the heart of the spa district of Swoszowice, known for over 200 years for its therapeutic activities, parks and green space. We are only 15-20 minutes from the center of Krakow (Taxi/Uber etc).

We specialise in a holistic approach to people and in being a “home-boutique” SPA with a friendly atmosphere, far from larger ‘cold’ commercial facilities. Our spa is a place of health, relaxation and regeneration, but also a place for making friends, great fun and good food.

Our team consists of experienced and qualified masseurs, advisors, therapists and sauna masters. We also love to create a space for business and private meetings, so we invite you to book our SPA packages and participate in group meetings and workshops on topics related to health and vitality.

You can also book our spa exclusively for private meetings and closed events for a group or couple.

We also offer couples counselling, workshops, yoga and we are registered and accredited members of national and international organisations, guaranteeing the highest quality and service.

See our FAQ, below for more info.

Whatever your requirements, give us a call and see how we can help you.

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Have a quick look around Emerald Spa before you visit. Our boutique and calming interiors have been thoughtfully designed to soothe your soul, and relax and heal.




Are you open all the time, for anyone?

No, Our Spa is a private property and our massages, sauna/hot tub, pool and gardens and private rooms are only open during organised events or parties (those events we organise ourselves), or exclusive parties we host you (by prior arrangement). Massage services, packages and workshops can be arranged at any time to suit you, by calling us, in advance.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Sorry! We don’t allow the consumption of any food or drink not purchased at the spa. We can provide almost any refreshments you need, including teas, coffee and fruit juices.

Can we pay upon arrival?

Yes you can, but for some events or workshops with limited space, we might ask for a deposit. For massages you may pay upon arrival, if you have previously arranged a time and date with us.

We accept payment by cash, but also credit/debit card or blik is possible.

What do we wear in the sauna, the spa, or at your parties?

All our events are clothing optional. You can wear or not wear, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Our saunas are real, authentic saunas, and our organised events are run according to Finnish traditions, and include German aufgus traditions including a saunamaster. Please ensure you are familiar with the sauna culture. This means that usually people are nude. As a naturist-friendly, and health resort, some people may wish not to wear clothes outside of the sauna too. It is possible to sunbathe, swim, use the hot-tub, eat a meal, relax and use the whole premises clothing-free if you wish.

In the Sauna, you may NOT ever wear a plastic-based swimming costume, but you may cover yourself with a cotton towel or sheet, if you wish. Be aware that other people may be nude. Do not wear anything you previously wore in the hot-tub or pool (as that may contain chlorine).

We ask all participants to ideally bring TWO towels – at least. One large one to sit on (in the sauna, or outside the sauna) and another one for drying after shower/jacuzzi. When in the sauna, you must ensure that no part of your skin touches the raw wooden benches. A part of your towel should be under your feet, body and back (if touching the wood).

Some people additionally wear a sauna hat.

See blog entries for reasons, and more details of sauna etiquette and culture.

During massages, you would usually be nude. During classic (Swedish) massage, you may wear lower-part underwear if you prefer.

Do you offer accommodation?

We have a number of rooms available, for couples, 4 person rooms, and space for singles. Shared bathrooms are available (on the same level as bedrooms, and also by the saunas). The rooms are not publicly available for all, and only as part of a package for those attending one of our events or parties. Book early to secure a room as space is limited.

An overnight stay includes a choice of breakfasts, and each room is equipped with tea/coffee facilities, towels and bathrobes.

You may also book a room for a short time (minimum 2 hours) at any time  – but call to book in advance.

Can we park at the Spa?

We have limited free parking on site for up to 6 cars, but additional, free parking is available opposite or very nearby the spa. We cannot reserve parking for you, unless you are also booking overnight accommodation. Our parking is monitored, discrete, and hidden from the road.