Chałubińskiego 64, Kraków

Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi Lomi Nui, an ancient Hawaiian therapeutic massage, intertwines physical and spiritual wellness, utilising flowing strokes and loving energy to promote holistic healing. It transcends mere physical benefits, such as improved circulation and muscular relaxation, to encompass emotional and mental rejuvenation. The practice facilitates a deep sense of balance and harmony, alleviating stress, enhancing flexibility, and fostering a profound interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, promoting overall wellbeing. Our oils are premium-class, luxury, natural oils infused with fruit and herb extracts, leaving the skin smooth, refreshed and fragrant. 

Important information

  • Bookings only by earlier reservation. No-shows will be blocked.
  • Be sure to arrive punctually, not more than 10 mins early or late. Free private parking.
  • All massages include time for a hot shower with fresh towels before, and after your massage a free drink of your choice.
  • At the time of booking, specify if you would like a male or female massage therapist.
  • If you have any health issues, skin conditions or are pregnant, contact your doctor before booking a massage.
  • We do not accept anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs