For thousands of years, saunas have been a traditional way to cleanse, restore health and socialise.

We offer an exclusive 20 seater sauna, and a 5 seater Jacuzzi, showers, a relax lounge with fireplace, for private use, parties or events.

Each week, we have sauna parties, with dancing food and drink and a sauna master,  to which we warmly invite you. Contact us for invitations.

Our sauna and jacuzzi are available as part of a package too. Book a room, massage, jacuzzi and sauna for a romantic evening, or your own private small group/party.

Our saunas are ‘real’ saunas, run according to Finnish traditions, which is that you bathe without clothing. This is the healthiest and best way to experience the sauna. You may cover with a sheet if you really wish, so long as you understand that others may not be clothed. During the sauna session, every part of you must be on a towel, so that no part of you is touching the bare wood benches. You should bring 2 towels, ideally. One to sit on and one to dry with. After the sauna, take a cool shower and relax. We can provide additional towels for you for a small fee.

If it is your first time coming to a sauna, then we invite you to visit or contact us, where we can answer any of your questions.

For a helpful guide to sauna culture and how to use the sauna, see these videos:

WikiHow (English)