We offer various types of massage – classic (swedish), relaxing, lomi-lomi nui, tantric, hot stones, for singles or couples. All massages are available for all people who are able to receive a massage safely (that includes those who are pregnant or disabled, for example). If you have a medical, health or skin condition which you think might preclude you from receiving a massage, first consult your doctor.

During each massage session you may talk with the massage therapist if you would like, or just chill and relax silently. Please do communicate to let your therapist know if there is a need to change the pressure or temperature.

Each massage meeting includes a free welcome drink (of any type) and a 10 minute preparation time (You must take a fresh shower before massage).
We provide everything you need: Towels, oils, shower gel, footwear and all that is needed during the massage session. It is enough to arrive – You can relax, and we will take care of the rest.

For more information, click here to read about each massage style and what we offer.

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